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, out of here. >> yeah, pret much. ( laughter ) >> jon: yes. yes, bill. obama's reelection marked the moment that traditional america ended. the moment when the family from the 1950s sitcom "leave it to beaver," ceased to be real. yes, it was a moment when-- ( cheers and applause ) traditional america-- obama's reelection was the moment when traditional mrealized even their rich wives couldn't save them from being replaced. bill o'reilly, what are you talking about! >> the demographics are changi changing. the white establishment is now the minority. >> jon: yes, as american demographics have always been changing. and the old establishment always giving way to-- and presenting-- a new establishment, mr. o'reilly and mr. goldberg. ( laughter ) or perhaps mr. o'reilly is forgetting the-- hold on-- 19th century. ( laughter ) when people with names like o'reilly were described in the "christian examiner" newspaper with phrase like, "the ill-clad irish man is repulsive to our habits and tastes." by the way, the "christian examiner" newspaper at that time considered to be one of the
the american government or the american congress. >> bill: all right. now, if president obama nominates secretary rice as secretary of state. is that a direct disrespectful move toward you and the other critics of this whole situation? is that an in-your-face i don't care what you say, i'm going to do it any way? >> i think this is really about four dead americans. >> bill: no, no. no, come on, senator. answer my question now. is it disrespectful to you? >> no. i don't think so. because i think the president has the right to nominate whoever he feels can best serve. >> bill: he knows the controversy that engendered. he knows that she didn't speak truthfully for whatever reason, it could be incompetence. it could be whatever. and he is still going to do it. he has kerry. kerry wants the job. you know that he has a lot of people who want that job. president obama nominate secretary rice is he sending a message to the republic party blank you guys, i don't care what you think. >> i'm not sure that he thinks that. he also thinks that he just won an election which he did. he also can nominat
, senator fluke appeared in 1,059 articles. mitt romney in 71,000. president obama 59,000. bill clinton 11,000. the win her be announced december 14. >>> finally, china communist newspape daily" has been hoodwinked. they ran a 55-page photo spread in tribute to kim jung un and named "onion sexiest man alive." with his round face and boyish charm and the strong sturdy chin, this pyongyang bred heartthrob is every woman's dream come true. this is true. >>> you may soon feel effect not of the earthquake in your wallet from new environmental regulations that, now that president obama has won re-election. fox news net wok senior correspondent -- network senior washington correspondent peter bans takes a look at what it could mean for you. >> top senate critic of the environmental protection agency charmed after delaying regulations to help president obama win re-election. the epa is about to flood the nation with new rules to cost consumer and jobs. he said give me a chance to get re-elected. >> a report by the staff contends that the new gasoline rules from the epa could add up to 9 cents on t
obama and the top congressional leaders before thanksgiving -- >> bill: right friday -- >> everything is down at the staff level. the principals aren't meeting yet. it is up to the staff to hammer out framework before anyone puts numbers on the table. >> bill: boehner as speaker isn't going to handle all of this himself. he'll delegate the responsibility to -- >> they haven't really shaped who is going to take the lead on negotiating yet. if we're going to have a working group like we did with the debt ceiling but you do have the top republicans including paul ryan from the budget committee. you'll have dave camp from ways and means and fred upton are all sitting in on the daily leadership meetings so they're all on the same page as far as the fiscal cliff goes. >> bill: for ryan, you've been writing about this, for ryan, this is a chance to maybe show some leadership and maybe pull off a deal. how does he approach it? we know what a hard liner he is, given the two budgets that he put forward and the two
that the democrats really get their act together. after the 2008 election, president obama passed the stimulus bill, the health care reform and did it largely on his own. his campaign was criticized for failing to harness the potential power of his army of supporters. tea party activists across the country rallied behind their candidates and took back the house in 2010. we know the old story. this year democrats have learned their lesson and are doing things quite differently. jim midwest see na says obama for america intends to keep supporters engaged in the political process using the system built for obama's reelection effort to advocate for policy goals through e-mail updates, rallies and social media. one month after the election, democrats are already working on 2014 and they are looking to use the republicans own weapon against them. that would be big money. politico reported that nancy post, chuck schumer and top aids spoke at a secret meeting of major democratic donors and officials from liberal outside groups. the groups are courting in an effort to pass the legislative agenda and plan to
'll not going to get a repeal bill with president obama re-elected, but conservative opposition to this has not softened at all, and looking to target implementation, implementation of this law. it's going to be very difficult. everyone looks how the benefits will kick in, and obamacare supporters believe it will just grow more popular. we saw on election night, it was split perfectly down the line, those who wanted a repeal, those who didn't. we're really looking at a problem implementing the act. as you see republicans, you know, hold oversight hearings, investigate how it's being implemented in the 16 states with republican governors don't want to create the exchanges that the law set up, i think it's going to be very difficult. i think through midterm election of '14 you'll see an attempt by conservatives still to hope there's a republican president next time around, and as they say that the law just literally collapses under it. >> greta: i don't understand why the states would want to set up the exchanges. it costs them money, and they have no control. why not defer to the feds? yet t
for any number of positions in the foreign policy arena. i will leave it at that. >> reporter: bill, you may recall very quickly here that during his first white house news conference after his re-election, president obama took exception to republican senators critical of rice saying, quote if they want to come after anyone, they should come after him, after me. bill: he said it with force. kelly, thank you. waiting on the meeting in washington. martha: ambassador rice, reportedly as we were saying one of the top candidates to replace secretary of state hillary clinton and the president seemed to lay down the gauntlet to senators mccain and graham if the first news confriends after the election. kelly referred to this moment. let's look at it from november the 14th. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. martha: that is really the feistiest moment of that news conference. the president, who you see here, with ambassador susan rice and former president bill clinton and others they are described as close and president obama ma
ban and he stint want to have people who voteed for bill clinton that would be one thing. barack obama has done zero on gunned, and i don't know why--so what. home people voted for barack obama wanted to go to that shooting range any way? >> i'm sorry this is the thing though, a we all ask questions. who need the assault rifles, the bombs and the grenades, they say we just need it for hunting and protection. they think that liberals and progressives don't own guns in the first place. really they think there is this war they're setting up. there was going to be the conservatives against the liberals, and we need to have the guns. we need to kill them but we can't let them have guns or we're going to lose. >> ahaying. >> the atter nat reality that they live in is amazeing to me every time. the guns are going to be taken away! we're going to go to war! cuckoo for cocoa puffs. speaking of which, let's go to-bam. senator bedford is introducing for the third time a piece of legislation that would allow you to take your gun to work. nobody gets anger at work and there has never been work-plac
of being signed into law by president obama. speaker boehner once again urges us to pass the house bill, extending tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. the senate has already consider that bill and we rejected it on a bipartisan basis. for the speaker to say, bring it up, we are behalf. it was loaded down in this congress. -- it was voted down in this congress. the president has spoken. he will not sign until the mortgages our future to pay for handouts. i hope house republicans have been listening. i also hope my colleagues, republicans and democrats, members of the house and senate, use the thanksgiving break not only to give things, but reflect on the monumental path ahead. i hope they took time to reflect on the effort needed to complete these tasks. as white howard said, there will have to be compromises. seeking the middle of the road is not just acceptable, it is the only way forward. >> as a modem -- as most americans know by now, the next few weeks are critically important in the health of our action. unless the president leaves and congress acts, the promise of tax hi
have on the deficit. senator harry reid. >> the senator has spoken and president obama has spoken. he's promised he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future for hand outs to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope the house members have been listening. >> hello then the president's carney child in. jay carney. >> some of of the comments you mentioned are welcome and they represent what we hope is a difference in tone and approach. >> stephanie: it's one thing to sound like your compromising on television and another thing to actually do something. nails it, nails it would you like the fun facts? >> absolutely. >> stephanie: the myth of the obama cave-in. i love john fugelsang but the joke he does about back ma makes folks scream. we disagree. >> liberals are allowed to disagree. >> stephanie: no we're not they're loud to do what i say. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: with the cliff looming, the president capitulated during the last tax cut fight. i'll read the cogent parts to you. >> she's on a roll. >> stephanie: i'm on a roll. when the germans attacked pearl harbor, i'm on a
. yeah. it's a fact that if president obama signs a dream act, even though it's a bipartisan bill, he will get much of the credit. i disagree a little bit with my dear friend joy in that i think in the whole, latino population in the united states is a little bit more socially conservative. now, that doesn't mean they don't, for example, think that people should have, you know, the right to choose if they have an abortion or not. but on other issues much more religious. i think that the churches matter much more to the latino population than they do maybe to mainstream population. so i think that there is a possibility for republicans to make some leeway. let's remember 44% of the latino votes for george w. bush wasn't because it was, you know, out of the sky. he actually worked for it and remember, that the last immigration proposal had that was seriously discussed on capitol hill was done under george w. bush. and he pushed very hard for that kennedy mccain bill which didn't pass. so, you know, there is a change, semantics and then actions maybe they can get 44% of the vote next tim
. >> that's the only way. >> bill, the secret magician. >>> all right. well, it's time for now for an early look at some of the stories we'll follow throughout the day on nbc. president obama welcomes mexico's president elect to the house today. the leaders will discuss a secure 21st century border and ways to strengthen both country's economies. >>> after black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday, organizers are hoping the first annual giving tuesday will become a new holiday tradition. the campaign encourages folks to donate time and/or money and then share the good deed on social media. >>> and veteran nbc newsman tom brokaw will be honored with the annual ken burns lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the arts through history related projects. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today" show. in a "today" exclusive business tycoon w
the deficit problem. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts for those make mortgage than $250,000. >> billionaire warren buffett, an obama ally today wrote an editorial in "the new york times," calling for a higher minimum tax for the wealthy. >>> a shake-up in the middle east in politics today as an israeli moderate resigns. israeli defense minister ehud barack abruptly quit politics today, saying he'll only finish out his term. the obama administration had embraced him as a moderate influence on benjamin netanyahu's hard-line policies. meanwhile, a leader of hamas is warning that a fragile ceasefire in gaza could flare back into violence if negotiators don't come to agreement quickly. negotiations have to proceed through egyptian messagers because israel and the united states consider hamas a terrorist organization. >>> still ahead here at 5:00, it's a distinction that universities don't want. the bay area school, though, near the top of this dubious list. >>> and a blockbuster acquisition that never was. google tied to a takeover d
. >> the senate has spoken. president obama has spoken. he's promising he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future to pay for handouts to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope house republicans have been listening. >> we've been responsible, even as we've remained firm on this point. no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. >> cnn political director mark preston is live from washington this morning. very nice to see you, mark. so the house is back in session today, and so far there are no talks scheduled between top republicans and the president, we understand. >> no, that's true, zoraida. in fact we haven't seen the congressional leadership and president obama meet since november 16th. now there were staff discussions over the thanksgiving holiday. they don't seem to be as productive as some people had hoped, as you said, we are now 35 days until the fiscal cliff. what we do know, though, is that president obama did reach out to house speaker john boehner. he is the republican, the senate majority leader harry reid the democrat over the weeken
the house. >> yeah. well, this attitude has built up over time over the years. they didn't really think bill clinton was legitimate because ross perot they thought cost him the election. they thought that obama's original election was a freak on account of bush being such a terrible president, and they were not equipped to deal with this defeat, and this was a real defeat because it was a defeat across the board for the republican party. yes, they kept the house, but guess who got more votes? democratic candidates of the house got more votes than republican candidates of the house, and these -- it may not make any difference constitutionally, but it makes a moral difference. >> and they like to hang on it. i think there's more to their sense of entitlement. shortly after the romney/ryan ticket lost, 26 states won just over 47% of the vote. in other words, did worse than john kerry in 2004. paul ryan denies that the president earned a mandate. let's listen. >> the president wins 330-some electoral votes, every battleground state with the exception of north carolina. does barack obama now have
a new tax bill. the fact that obama is administration is to make it sound like he is averting a catastrophe over the post 2013 -- it is an insult to people who know what is going on. host: if you think that -- do you think the president is not holding from one democratic beliefs? calving i really do not know. i just found out that ed rendell is supposedly a little type of democrat. he is one -- on one of these teams trying to figure out entitlements. this is a simple equation. we have about $800 billion more than necessary in spending. we have $800 billion more in spending that goes into the pockets of those who run unnecessary tests, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. and if we relocate the like most of the rational world by civil nationalizing health care, that will take care of 80% of the problem. the other 20% has to do with the spending on the military that puts people in countries that nobody can identify on the back in order -- that nobody can identify on the bath. >> chuck in illinois, on our line for republicans, what do you think? caller: i am kind of
insist on a rate hike on the rich. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. >> billionaire warren buffett, an obama ally, again with a rate hike on the rich. calling in "the new york times" for a minimum tax on the wealthy. 30% of income between 1 million and $10 million. 35% above that. republicans insist any deal on tax hikes has to come after a commitment to control spending on medicare and social security. adding to the drama, the white house warned the strong start to holiday roadway tail steals could be spoiled by fears of tax hikes. holiday cheer and a reminder. five weeks until l the fiscal cliff. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. >> a tense standoff in egypt between mohammed morsi and the nation's judiciary branch. they want to lessen tension in cairo. they canceled a massive rally that was planned for tomorrow. at today's meeting was a bid to resolve a four-day crisis that has plunged the country into turmoil. clashes have left one protester dead and hundreds of peopl
35 to 70. >> might as well move to france. >> i usually do. bill baldwin, welcome back. so, i ask, how do you make money under obama. you're very confident about this cover story, how do you make money under obama. >> to give you good news and bad news. the good news is if you're young and invest for the long run, lake a 40-year investment horizon stocks are a great place to be. bonds are a terrible place to be with treasuries paying less than the inflation rate. that's a moderately optimistic view of things, but in terms of clifrks i see a cliff states are going over, some states. states that i call death spiral states. >> california. >> california. >> california is at the top of the list. >> where else? >> i love this. >> illinois, new york, some smaller states like new mexico. this is what's going on in the states. there are 11 of them on our list of death spirals where you see the number of people dependant on government and the number of people contributing to it and that cross over point is very dangerous. >> regarding stocks, in other words, do you stay away from corporatio
, not raising taxes, putting them at odds with president obama, who was re-elected by pledging to let tax cuts expire for the wealthiest americans. >> the president has made clear that he will not sign a bill that extends the bush-era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. >> reporter: the republicans open to breaking the pledge say entitlement reform must be part of the discussions. both sides, working behind the scenes to find common ground. rob and paula? >> whiffs of a compromise. tahman bradley in washington. thanks, tahman. >>> and the next secretary of state choice faces critics on capitol hill. susan rice meets behind closed doors with top republican lawmakers. they have been critical of her comments on the september 11th attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. senator john mccain is chief among her critics. but he backed off his threat to block her nomination. those two are set to meet tuesday. >>> there's rising tension in egypt this morning, among opponents of that country's president, mohamed morsi. things started getting rough on the streets of cairo, with protesters hurling
the lame-duck session. president obama spoke to harry reid over the phone about the fiscal cliff over the weekend. the white house is making it clear today that the president won't sign a bill that extends tax cuts for those earning $250,000 a year in social security. it will not be part of the fiscal cliff. so we are going to talk about the compromise. we have a congress and to talk about this with us. >> and you for having me cheryl: or a little bill? >> we were waiting and hoping to compromise with its administration. but they they would just never come to the table. >> these democrats want to continue spending on social programs, republicans don't want tax cuts to be touched. you think we can have coromise from both sides on each of these issues? the rhetoric that we are hearing on a television screen is pretty negative. >> he did say that we want and the republicans will reach out to less. cheryl: after the last election, the november election, it was a referendum on many republicans. some of them walked away and said, okay, we did not get the senate back, we are moving forward.
. we'll know how the next four years will go by the way the month goes. this is new barack obama. but if he back aceway and says call me if you get a deal we're in trouble. >> the president made clear he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts or those making more than $250,000. math tells us that you can't get the kind of balanced approach you need. without having rates be part of the equation. >> eric: i have to ask you -- go ahead. >> dana: i'm listening and i'm thinking set aside politics for a second and say that you could get the money you wanted. in a different way. limiting deductions. limiting deductions. not talk about the spending. why wouldn't you take that deal? if you get the same results, why not do it? temporary measures have not worked. it seems that they are being, i understand they are in negotiations but again, doing something just because it works politically does not make necessarily for good policy. i think unfortunately we have come back to bite them. i think there will be a deal. to knowingly push the country to another recession is uncons
of the year. coming up, in the rewrite, bill o'reilly, crazy pat robertson and ricky gervais in tonight's contest, who is more christlike? and next, republicans still can't face the fact that they lost because president obama is simply much better at campaigning and much better at governoring than they are. karen finney and david corn will join me coming up. >>> i think we have to be a bigger tent. >> in the spotlight tonight, the republican clown car needs a bigger circus tent. yesterday on fox, the first man to lose the presidency to barack obama tried to explain why a second republican has now lost the presidency to barack obama and like all republican explanations for losing the presidency to barack obama, it does not include the possibility that the best man won. that barack obama was an extraordinary presidential candidate. twice. it does not include the possibility that barack obama could not be beaten by anyone. twice. john mccain could not admit that barack obama beat him, then mitt romney because president obama is a better candidate than they were and president obama is a bet
. coming up, in the rewrite, bill o'reilly, crazy pat robertson and ricky gervais in tonight's contest, who is more christlike? and next, republicans still can't face the fact that they lost because president obama is simply much better at campaigning and much better at governoring than they are. karen finney and david corn will join me coming up. [ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's doctor recommended a different option: once-a-day xarelto®. xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem, that doesn't require routine blood monitoring. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce the risk of an afib-related stroke. there is
in the '90s, bill clinton, while we had a republican majority in the house and the senate. we did welfare reform. we put the work back into welfare and it was tremendously successful. we decreased the welfare rolls. now, obama's reversed that. now we have it's gone up, the food stamp program now gone up from 28 million families to 47 million. that's just one of the things that can be reversed, that got news this mess to start with. >> gretchen: but senator, why does it appear -- and obviously the election was a result of it -- why does it appear that president obama wins the pr campaign on this entire discussion? >> well, gretchen, i represent oklahoma. he hasn't won up there. >> gretchen: but he's winning it acrossment country. >> well, i know, he's a very persuasive person. that doesn't mean that as a member of the united states senate that you have to look at public opinion and say, well, he's going to win this thing. again, i've got 20 kids and grandkids that are depending on me -- >> gretchen: what do republicans need to do to get a better pr message out there to combat? i mean, when
obama has spoken. he's promised he will not sign any bill that mortgages our future to pay for handouts to the wealthiest 2% of americans. i only hope house republicans have been listening. >> we've been responsible, even as we've remained firm on this point. no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. >> hardly a political plug there. cnn political director mark preston is live from washington this morning. mark, so far there are no formal fiscal cliff talks scheduled at the highest levels. but the white house just announced that president obama is going to be going to pennsylvania on friday to try to sell his version of the tax plan to the american people. is that going to help things? >> well, john, you know, it's a dual strategy right now that we're seeing develop in these negotiations over the fiscal cliff. the first strategy, of course, and the first bullet point is when president obama gets together with congressional leaders and they try to get some kind of resolution. the second bullet point, though, is to try to pressure the republican party a
to broker a crucial tax reform bill to help jump-start the economy. with the fiscal crisis looming now, what can president obama learn from his predecessor? michael reagan joins us right after this break. >> in a few days, the congress will stand at the fork of two roads. one road is all too familiar to us. it leads ultimately to higher taxes. we are the house when it comes to the big game. yeah. it's his thing. i don't even participate. boom! here it comes! bring it back! bring it home! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better. >> in a few days, the congress will stand at the fork of two roads. one road is all too familiar to us. it leads, ultimately, to higher taxes. it merely brings us full circle back to the source of our economic problems. where the government decides that it knows better than you what should be done with your earnings and, in fact, how you should conduct your life. the other road promises to renew the american spirit. it's a road of hope and opportun
. >> well, i think that president obama definitely has the upper hand in the situation. you have people coming out and saying we don't have on a this anti-tax pledge with grover norquist, a senior republicans, people like bill kristol. you have 12 new house members coming in who refused to sign the pledge. so you start seeing that and it gives the president much stronger leverage to get what he wants. and i think that if the republicans don't come around on and we end up going off the cliff there will get blamed for it. gerri: what do you say? >> i say let's take a look and what happened in november. our government gave the people of america gave the government to the status quo. we are back to where we started in september. the president has a huge do over, and it is his obligation to leave history this. republicans have said we are willing to talk about revenue, but democrats have to be serious on spending. so this idea that anyone has the upper hand is exactly why a deal is not been done. the deal as on the teeseven deal is only as good as it is for both parties. the agreement is hon
, who is out? pi bill clinton? patreaus for secretary of defense. a look at president obama's dream team. >>> a fast and furious settlement. who is paying the price for the botched gun running. >>> answering questions about managing student debt. >> hi there. we're talking about managing your student loans. with me this hour, greg olson and carmen wong ulrich. carmen, your question. >> i was wondering how i'm going to afford a minimum wage job with the student loan advise to pay for and i just graduated from college. >> i feel for her. >> wow, wow, wow. it's a stuff situation. here's the thing we've got to know what type of loans does she have. if she's got private loans she's in a big pickle. low flexibility, but call them right away. if your proact everybody you can try to work with them before you get into trouble. if she's got federal loans, there's the income based repayment program and she's got look into that. it's a part of your discretionary income that goes to pay it every month. as her income goes up her bill will go up. that's good. it's never too unmanageable. >> suggestions
to discuss, but at top of the list according to the white house immigration reform. president obama won more than two-thirds of the latino vote. the administration believes that should be a wake-up call for republicans to get on board with a bill about the border. a new abc news poll shows a majority of americans support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already on u.s. soil. is this issue finally fertile ground in washington? let's spin about it. i don't think we can eliminate or separate the immigration discussion from the drug war, which stretches across the united states and mexico. part of the immigration discussion and the drug war wrapped up in this fear of, you know, drugs, violence, poor folks participating and escaping from the drug war coming here. america is slowly moving against the war on drugs. it's kinld of amazing to see this movement. we see colorado and washington creating a very liberal open policy, california striking down their three-strikes law. that says let's not have nonviolent drug offenders go away to jail for a long time. judges and police say this is
on the role of private enterprise in public education. the obama administration's approach to regulating for- profit institutions. representatives of for-profit schools of the bill emeline the gates foundation. it is about an hour and a half. and melindahe bill gates foundation. it is about an hour and a half. >> we are just getting back. the energy level is probably going to get mellow. we will make that work for us. today's panel is on the question of for-profit and federal education policy. this is a topic that we at aei have been talking about for an extended stretch. in support of the templeton foundation, we have been running the private enterprise projects, trying to think about the opportunities and the challenge. how do make this work for kids in the communities? how do we think about some of those challenges the potential perils? this panel is a close up series of panels and conversations. we have commissioned a number of pieces that will be coming up as a book this spring. we have the opportunity to work. those of you with cell phones, in turn them off. why this topic? the vast ma
that will not sign any bill that benefits the 2% of the americans. >> no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. >> reporter: and president obama is holding a series of events at the white house and on the road trying to win more public support this week for his approach. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:44. wall street seems to be teetering on that fiscal cliff as investors wait too react. pam cook -- wait to react. pam cook is here to tell us what is it at stake. what is at stake? >> a lot. it's being discussed on capitol hill and being watched on wall street. in order to avoid this disaster, it involves tax and spending cuts. tough decisions will have to be made. many economists say for a fixed amount of revenue its eitherrier to remove deduction -- either to remove deductions. one item being discussed, interest on mortgages. >> the concern is if nothing is done, we have automatic tax increases, big tax increases and automatic spending cuts. that produces the fiscal drag the government is making -- is taking more inco
tax bill the second or third. so the fact that obama's administration is willing to make it sound like he's averting a catastrophe over the full 2013 is an insult to people who actually understand what's going on. i hope that -- >> host: do you think, your call on the democratic line. do you think the president is not holding firm on democratic beliefs? >> caller: i really don't know what he's doing, but i just got yesterday it was, maybe the day before, ed rendell supposedly a liberal type of democrat is on one of these teams trying to figure out how to cut entitlements. this is a very simple equation. we have about $800 billion more than is necessary spending on health between the private and public sector. we have $800 billion more in spending that goes into the pockets of doctors who, you, who run unnecessary tests, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. and if we reality like that like most of the rational world by simply nationalized health care, that will take care of 80% of the problem. the other 20% of the problem has to do with the spending on the military that put
debate on taking up the defense authorization bill. you can follow senate coverage on c-span2. back to the white house for a moment. president obama today signing into law u.s. airlines be excluded from emission -- this is the first test for the president fighting climate change in the second change. he quietly signed the bill over their objections. again, the u.s. house in moments. five bills. live coverage here on c-span. >> the house gaveling in just a couple of moments. five bills on the agenda this afternoon. later this week they'll take up a bill that aims to provide a quick visa process for granting legal status to immigrant students who earned advanced degrees in science, engineering or mathematics at u.s. colleges and universities. the house is in tomorrow but not until noon. there will be no votes tomorrow. house republicans are meeting tomorrow to select their leadership, their committee leadership assignments for the next congress. house democrats later this week will elect their leaders for the 113th congress which of course begins in january. >> well, we exexpected the
administration, her meant wears madeleine albright and she worked closely with bill clinton and it was assumed she would endorse hillary clinton. when early on in the 2007-2008 campaign she endorsed rk russ d obama, the clintons felt very betrayed. it got her street cred with president obama. >> in terms of policy, i was reading a column and they write about how rice is a proponent of intervention. >> back when she was in the clinton administration, she was head of international peacekeeping and the international security council and it was during the time of rwanda and she famously said she would rather burn her own career down rather than making the mistake of not intervening in genocide again. she's credited with sort of pushing the obama administration into going into libya and has also pushed hard to get into syria as well. >> you write something in your piece i know i hasn't heard about. she famously flipped richard holbrooke the bird in a meeting years ago and is known to have sharp elbows. reading she might -- one of her favorite words is a word i cannot repeat on television. she seems
and have some idea of what's going to happen on the bill itself. mr. president, that's nonsense. it's only as the leaders indicated at the beginning of this congress, his number-one goal is to defeat president obama. we have been able to get nothing done because of that. the american people are sick of it. the 109th congress from 2005 to 2006, when the republicans were in the majority, there were very few filibusters. in the next congress, when the roles were reversed, the republicans, they've done -- i give this example which is so understandable to everybody. lyndon johnson, majority leader for six years -- i will be at the end of this year -- one cloture petition. me, i think we're up to about 386 now. this congress we have -- we've had 110 filibusters and we have weeks to go and you saw in "the new york times," oh, he's filled the legislative tree. "the new york times" reported i did that 19 times. 110 filibusters? and had they let us get on a bill, there wouldn't be any need to fill the tree. we could have spent that time having amendments. so the republicans have increased the number
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